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Advanced skin care is all about using Nature’s given resources to promote natural skin health. That’s why, here at Lavelier, we’ve chosen to source Mother Nature’s best-kept secret – the Corallina Officinalis, also known as the Coral Seaweed – so that its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties translate into increased skin vigor and reduced wrinkle appearance for you.

About Us

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Harnessing the Power of the Sea





the Power of the Sea

Corallina Officinalis (Coral Seaweed) is the great success story of marine cosmeceuticals. Buoyed by the latest research in cosmetology, this shy, unassuming red seaweed has received greater attention in recent years, and is now prized dearly for its rich bioactive compounds and high concentrations of micronutrients.



I have a pretty serious eye-bag problem. Seriously, every morning when I wake up, the undersides of my eyes look like the puffy cheeks of a goldfish. I started using Lavelier’s Eye Firming Concentrate two months ago, and it’s worked surprisingly well. I’m happy to report that my eye bags have diminished (they now look more like eye-’pockets’ rather than eye-’bags’), so I’d say this is an improvement.

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I spend a lot of time outside, rain or shine – it is London after all – so I’m big on sunscreen. My usual skin care line discontinued its sun care products recently, so I’ve had to search for a good replacement. The Divine Day Defense seems to do the trick! And it’s non-greasy, which is important to me because I don’t like looking like a waxed plum. Will keep using this.

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About three weeks ago, I purchased the Skin Clair Repair product by Lavelier for my mom. She’s very pleased with it so far! It seems to work on her hyper pigmentation, and I noticed today that the dark spots on her face have receded a little. Using this product has done wonders for her confidence, too, which is really saying something since she’s approaching 60 now. Kudos to Lavelier! Keep up the good work!

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For my weekend skin pampering, I like to apply the Coral Mineral Mud Mask on my skin before relaxing into a bath – it has a mild scent, nothing overpowering, and sits well on my face while I get some shut-eye. It’s absolutely wonderful to waking up and peel off the mask – so gratifying to pull off all that icky, week-long, accumulated dirt from my face! My skin tends to feel like a newborn baby’s after that.

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