Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lavelier help reduce my eye wrinkles?

No self-respecting product can ever reduce eye wrinkles (if you come across any such claims, beware!), but the best skin care ingredients can reduce the appearance of fine lines and crinkles. What this means is that Lavelier can help your wrinkles look finer – less ostensible – by optimizing your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and heal itself. Our bestselling products to improve the appearance of eye wrinkles include Rapid Eye Collagen Contour, Fine Line Eye Serum, and Eye Firming Concentrate.

Which Lavelier product should I use to combat my skin’s dark spots?

We recommend Skin Clair Repair for Dark Spots, from the Coral Luminous Collection, specifically designed to target the appearance of dark spots on the face and neck. As a preventative measure against future pigmentation, use Divine Day Defense, also from the Coral Luminous Collection, in combination with Skin Clair Repair.

What should I do if my Lavelier hasn’t arrived?

All Lavelier products are sent within 2 days of ordering online. Most clients receive their orders within the week. If you haven’t received your Lavelier after 2 weeks, please call our Customer Service Center immediately at (877) 554-1777.

What if I’m not happy with my Lavelier product?

Your satisfaction is our priority. So if you’re not satisfied with your Lavelier, we’re more than happy to offer an exchange within 30 days of purchase.

Please contact your original point of purchase to exchange your item. If you purchased your item in-store, please return to the original store with your item in its original packaging and purchase receipt.

If you purchased your item online, please contact our Customer Service Center at (877) 554-1777

We regret that we cannot offer returns at this moment.

Can I exchange store-bought items via your online store?

As of this point, Lavelier items can only be exchanged at the original point of purchase. This means that in-store items must be exchanged at the original store. We regret the inconvenience this may cause you.

What Should I Know Before Exchanging My Product?

Please note the following:

  • Items must be returned in their original packaging with all accompanying accessories, instruction manuals, and purchase receipts.
  • Damaged or defaced items are not eligible for exchange.
  • Lavelier cannot take any responsibility for items that may have been delayed, damaged, or lost in transit.
  • The parcel and its contents remain the full responsibility of the client before it arrives at Lavelier. Items purchased online will be returned at the client’s own expense. It is recommended that clients use a tracking option for their parcels.

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