Lavelier emerged from a fascination with a dweller of the sea known as Corallina Officinalis (red coral seaweed). When red coral seaweed was discovered to have skin-beautifying properties, it inspired the birth of Lavelier: a premium skincare brand that harnesses the potential of this one-of-a-kind ingredient. Since its creation, the Lavelier skincare line has flourished, offering a variety of collections to address specific skin concerns.

Marine Jars
Red Coral


Found at the outer edge of tide pools and shallow rocky shores, red coral seaweed is comprised of the same protective and nutritive bioactive compounds that benefit the skin. Rich in calcium (known to regulate lipid barrier processes), red coral seaweed makes an excellent skin conditioner, leaving you feeling silky smooth.


At Lavelier, our mission is to provide our customers with top-of-the-line skincare products that help them to enhance their natural beauty and achieve confidence. We believe that health, wellness, and the environment are interconnected and that it is up to all of us to care for our world and one another. Self-love and confidence can inspire and be a stepping stone to even greater life achievements.



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