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Who We Are

Lavelier is a premium skincare brand that harnesses the power of Corallina officinalis (red coral seaweed), a one of a kind skin care ingredient known to energize and rejuvenate the skin. Inspired by the oceans mysteries and the skin beautifying benefits of red coral seaweed, Lavelier offers users a variety of products and collections that help address skin care concerns ranging from anti-aging to rejuvenation and accomplishing a more balanced, radiant look.

Our Collections and Products

Our Collections and Products

Each product within the Lavelier skincare line has been specially formulated with the best and potent ingredients proven to help improve the skin’s overall appearance over a period of time. Within each collection you will find a blend of beautifying formulas featuring the key ingredient that inspired it all - Corallina officinalis (red coral seaweed).

Coral Luminous

This illuminating collection helps brighten, balance and tone the skin. Powerful blends of antioxidants, brightening botanicals help reduce signs of discoloration while helping to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.


Infused with a powerful blend of Soluble Collagen, Vitamin E and hyaluronate, this lush, age-defying collection will help improve your skin’s overall elasticity and firmness helping you achieve a younger, more vibrant look.


This one of a kind collection uses the age-defying effects of Hyaluronic Acid, while Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate helps target trouble areas on the skin. This unique spa-like collection contains a heat activating masque, serum, and creme that aim to help tone and contour the skin.


The Marine Essentials collection is Lavelier’s premier daily care collection. This collection carries everyday essential products to help maintain the skin's natural radiance and glow while providing all the beautifying benefits of red coral seaweed.

Mineral Allure

This luxe collection helps replenish and restore dull, dry skin. Potent blends of coral seaweed, Green Tea Extract, and essential oils helps energize and transform the skin for a more youthful overall glow.


Brilliant, potent and filled with anti-aging ingredients, the Seagrass collection has been formulated to help target the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin. This collection protects the skin’s natural moisture levels leaving a more smooth and luminous look.


Because body care is just as important as skin care, Lavelier released a series of body care items that help restore and replenish the skin. Each item in the Seascape collection helps you achieve skin that is silky soft.