This ingredient glossary is designed to help you learn more about common skincare ingredients. Here’s a closer look at some of the key ingredients that you will find in Lavelier’s formulas.

LAV-Aloe Leaf

Aloe Leaf Extract

Contains a combination of powerful organic compounds that have the ability to soothe the skin.


Commonly used to assist in restoring a visibly improved complexion and an excellent hydrator.

LAV- Calendula Flower Extract

Calendula Flower Extract

Has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe and calm redness, inflammation, and irritation in the skin.


A known astringent that helps to contract pores and reduce the accumulation of oil on the skin’s surface.

LAV- Coral Seaweed

Coral Seaweed

A rich and extremely hydrating ingredient that supports a healthy skin barrier, volumizes thin, crepy skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines.


A great component in any skincare to help stall the appearance of progressive aging.

LAV- Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

An easily absorbable ingredient that calms irritated skin, reinforces the superficial layer of skin, and locks in hydration.


Known to help neutralize visible effects of environmental stressors and ultimately reduce signs of aging.

LAV- Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Much like its effects when ingested, green tea helps to purge the skin’s surface of impurities that cause the appearance of dark spots, dull skin, and uneven skin texture.


Also effective against inflammation, and swelling caused by environmental irritants.

LAV- Lavender Extract

Lavender Extract

Exhibits multiple benefits for the skin’s surface, such as - soothing irritated skin, hindering fungal and microbial activity as well as detoxifies pores.


Also known to balance oil production and clarify the skin’s surface.

LAV- Sea Algae Extract

Sea Algae Extract

Algae is a super ingredient that improves the skin’s overall resilience. An effective humectant, with minerals that improve skin clarity, texture, and skin tone.


A great complexion balancer for radiant and supple-looking skin.

LAV- Collagen Powder

Soluble Collagen

This popular ingredient smooths and softens the appearance of rough and uneven textured skin with continuous use.


Also known to volumize thin skin and help minimize the visible formation of fine lines and wrinkles and ultimately supplement your skin’s protective barrier.

LAV-Vitamin C

Vitamin C

All forms of this ingredient are known to improve and restore skin tone and color.


An excellent option to help brighten and balance uneven skin tone with the added benefit of neutralizing the visual effects of free radical impurities.



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