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At my age, my skin needs deep cleaning day and night and this moisturizer makes my face and neck so firm and fresh. I recommended this to my best friend and she loves it.

Eye Firming Concentrate
Chantelle Oliva
Good so far

Been testing this product and I can say it is good. I just have to be consistent of using it every day to see the difference. Will order again soon!

Non greasy

I have lots of lotions at home with different brands and this one became one of my favorites especially because of the smell and the non greasy effect. Plus the bottle itself looks good.


I've been using this for a week and I can help but notice the changes to my face, it is not dry anymore and I am so happy about the product since it is effective.


I received this today which is great because I just ordered it the other day. The package arrived well-packed and easy to open and I will try the product tomorrow and I think it will be great.

Youthful skin

This evening repair cream gives my skin a youthful radiance. It's rich yet absorbs well, and my skin feels firmer and smoother.

Instant glow!

This serum gives me an instant glow! It feels warm and soothing upon application, and my skin looks healthier and more radiant.

More even

My skin looks more even-toned and radiant. It feels luxurious and works wonders.

Glowing skin

Using this body scrub feels like a spa-like experience at home. It effectively removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin glowing and soft.

Seascape Body Butter
Elsa McBride
Feeling hydrated!

It provides ultimate hydration! It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. The scent is delightful, and it absorbs quickly.

My new absolute "go-to"

I purchased several Lavelier products while in Singapore in January this year. I absolutely love the moisturisers and the instrostem product was somewhat "intriguing" but note that it is no longer available. My favourite though is the Collagen Wrinkle Alpha Treatment. Excellent results, no flakiness, easy to apply and the results are amazing. I was advised to use this weekly at night as a long term treatment for wrinkles, however, I've done that for six months now and whilst I do see an improvement in my skin, I prefer to use it daily as an instant treatment. Just so gutted that the cost of delivery to NZ makes this product unaffordable on top of the cost to purchase so I am using very sparingly to make it last. The cost of freight from Singapore to NZ is crazy as I have discovered with a couple of other products I''ve attempted to order online since being over there. Just a shame Lavelier products aren't available in NZ.

Seascape Body Scrub
Rosemary Howard
seascape body scrub

Love love love it

Marine Facial Toner
Gianna Williams
Marine Facial Toner

So good for my skin! Lightweight and gentle to my sensitive skin. Try it too!

Amazingly Unique

My sister just insisted that I try this and it didn't disappoint! I am very impressed with its unique and potent formula! It does so many wonders to my skin. Love it!!

Very Nice!

Been using this product for about 3 months and it's like my 2nd purchase already! I love the quality and its actually true to its promise.

Firm Yet Soft Skin

Remarkable firming effect but it also softens my skin. My husband told me that my skin looks and feels better at every touch.

Bye Wrinkles

I can say goodbye to my wrinkles because of this wrinkle corrector!! Very powerful and it has an instant tightening effect that always amazes me!

Wrinkle Remedy that Works

Been searching for an effective wrinkle remedy and I finally found it!! It works almost instantly without any greasy or sticky after-effects. It's an absolute must-have!!


Gifted this set to my mother and she couldn't be any happier! She told me that after using the first mask, her skin feels and looks absolutely smoother and softer!!

Seagrass Phyto Silk
Stella Pitts
Dewy and Younger Skin

Surprisingly gentle on my skin! I absolutely love the silky soft texture and potent formula. Very very nice even for sensitive skin. I feel like my skin doesn't get oily ever since I tried this product.

Very Unique

My sister insisted that I try this encapsulated serum that she's been using for months. I just got it today and I like the texture of my skin after using one capsule. A little drop of it totally goes a long way!!

Better Looking Skin

A lot has noticed how my skin gets better!! I was actually surprised to see the difference in my before and after photos. My skin isn't as dull as before and it has this rosy and dewy glow which I love!

Great buy

No more annoying wrinkles!! Thank you so much Lavelier for this great and innovative Wrinkle Beta Treatment!

Organic Masque

Really love the scent!! Instantly makes me feel so relaxed! And my skin looks so amazing after every use! It feels more lifted and firm, plumper and brighter as well.

The Renewal Gift Set
Savannah Tyler
Simply Amazing

Even if this skincare trio is just simple, its formula is absolutely amazing!! The potent cleanser, toner, and peel are still so gentle on my skin!! I can't believe how it reduced my acne marks and hyperpigmentation.


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