7 Cutting-Edge Ingredients in Lavelier’s Marine Bio Syringe

Lavelier Marine Bio Syringe

7 Cutting-Edge Ingredients in Lavelier’s Marine Bio Syringe

Serums are touted as liquid gold in the skincare world. They’re potent and rich in the finest nutrients and actives, making them a more luxurious step in your routine. Lavelier has tons of serums to offer, from vitamin C to brighten the complexion to gold-infused formulas for a feel of opulence.

But Lavelier syringes are really something else. They are silky solutions of the highest caliber, made only from the best anti-aging superfoods and extracts. Their innovative syringe format makes application a breeze — you get to target your problem areas without accidentally using too much product.

Here’s the 411 on our bestselling syringe, the Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe. We’ll take a look at how to use it and what it has to offer, plus the seven cutting-edge ingredients that make it so awesome.

Introducing the Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe

Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe

The queen of all our syringes is the Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe, a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and DMAE — two holy grails when it comes to beating the signs of skin aging. It works to smoothen your complexion, minimizing the appearance of stark lines and wrinkles.

It’s non-invasive, unlike other fillers that are a bit risky to use. All you have to do is apply it topically, like any other serum, directly into your wrinkles and problem areas. Stay expression-less for two minutes while it dries.

You’ll notice a reduction in your lines and wrinkles almost instantly. It’s the perfect syringe to use for special occasions when you need tight, smooth, and youthful-looking skin so that you’re ready for your close-up.

Like all Lavelier products, this syringe doesn’t contain harmful parabens and is 100% cruelty-free. It’s great for anyone trying to be safer and more responsible with their skincare choices.

The Lavelier Marine Bio Syringe is packed with a plethora of anti-aging ingredients, from the classic hyaluronic acid to Lavelier’s unique signature ingredient, red coral seaweed (but more on that later!). Check out the seven ingredients in this Lavelier syringe that will help you beat wrinkles in mere seconds:

Hyaluronic Acid to Hydrate and Plump Up the Skin

Hyaluronic acid gel

First up, we have the king of humectants — hyaluronic acid. You may have seen this active ingredient in many hydrating lotions and toners. That’s because it’s amazing at retaining moisture in your skin, helping it to combat the signs of skin aging, like wrinkles and age spots.

Technically speaking, hyaluronic acid is made up of little sugar molecules, also known as polysaccharides. These molecules are naturally produced by your body to keep the skin hydrated.

Hyaluronic is an outstanding hydrator. It draws moisture from the environment and pulls it back into your skin, nourishing it in the deepest layers. Good hydration is key when you want to get rid of fine lines. The moisture helps volumize your skin, making it look bouncy, taut, and wrinkle-free.

As you get older, your body will start producing less and less hyaluronic acid. Your skin will feel very dry, so you need to replenish it with hydration, and using a serum rich in hyaluronic acid is a great way to do so.

In the Lavelier Marine Bio Syringe, we use sodium hyaluronate, a derivative of hyaluronic acid that has a smaller molecular weight. Because of this size, it goes even deeper into your skin, hydrating it from the bottom layers all the way to the epidermis. It literally gives you a glow from the inside out.

Because sodium hyaluronate works to hydrate and volumize the skin, it makes deep lines less noticeable. It also improves your skin’s elasticity, making it dewy and bouncy for a youthful glow.

DMAE to Tighten the Skin and Boosting Firmness

This one might sound a bit unfamiliar to those who haven’t had much experience working with anti-aging products, but trust us — it’s one of the best ingredients on this list!

Dimethylaminoethanol, also fondly called DMAE to make things easier for everyone, is a chemical compound with tons of anti-aging benefits. It’s known to reduce not just deep wrinkles, but also darkness under your eyes after a stressful week and “turkey neck,” or saggy skin by your neck.

DMAE increases firmness in the skin, which is why it’s infused in many lotions and creams for more mature ladies. It also works hard to curb inflammation, making your skin feel smooth and soft without any breakouts.

What’s appealing about DMAE is that it doesn’t seem to cause the common side effects that come with anti-aging, like peeling and avid dryness. It’s an incredible, effective, low-risk anti-aging ingredient, so formulating our Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe with it was a no-brainer.

Vitamin A to Promote Collagen Production and Skin Cell Turnover

Lavelier Marine Bio Syringe

Vitamin A or retinol is among the most popular classic anti-aging ingredients in the realm of skincare. In the Lavelier Marine Bio Syringe, you’ll see vitamin A listed in the ingredient list as retinyl palmitate.

There are lots of retinol derivatives out there, each with its own unique structure and benefits. But retinyl palmitate is the gentlest and least irritating of them all, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Like other forms of vitamin A, retinyl palmitate works to increase collagen production in your skin. This, in turn, speeds up cell turnover in the skin, revealing younger, newer, brighter skin more frequently.

More collagen in the skin also equals fewer wrinkles, which is terrific for those battling with skin aging. Plus, retinyl palmitate also thickens up the dermis layer of your skin, where wrinkles first start to develop. By strengthening this layer, you’ll have fewer fine lines even as you grow older.

Retinyl palmitate also purifies the pores, leaving them clear and unclogged. It’s a mild exfoliant, so it decongests the skin to make sure it’s clean and refreshed. This is why vitamin A is also known as an anti-acne ingredient.

It also helps brighten the skin. Since it has exfoliating properties, it helps even out your skin tone to make you look more radiant over time.

Mica to Give You a Radiant, Glowy, Light-Reflective Complexion

To give your skin the lustrous glow it deserves, the Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe is also formulated with mica. Mica is a silicate mineral that is broken down and finely ground to create a shimmery powder, which is infused into skincare and makeup to make your skin dewier.

Dubbed as “nature’s glitter,” mica has the ability to make your skin brilliant and radiant, like a diamond. It makes your complexion catch onto the light, making it look bright and luminous, and therefore more awake and lively.

Mica is a popular ingredient in skincare collections that aim to brighten the skin tone. Although it doesn’t do much for fighting off those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, it makes your skin look newer and younger because of its illuminating effect on your complexion.

Red Coral Seaweed to Feed Your Skin Some Strengthening Minerals

Seaweed underwater

Yes, seaweed. The same seaweed you see when you’re snorkeling on an island-hopping excursion. Red coral seaweed is a beauty underwater, but that’s not all it’s cut out to be. Its extracts also have grand anti-aging benefits that nourish and strengthen the skin.

Because red coral seaweed lives by rocks and tide pools, it’s rich in many minerals and marine compounds — many of which your skin will love. And since it grows in the water, it drinks up many nutrients directly from the sea.

Red coral seaweed is rich in calcium, a mineral that strengthens and protects the skin in many ways. For one, it controls the thickness of your skin barrier, preventing damage from free radicals. It also slows down skin aging, which means you’ll see fewer wrinkles when using a serum with seaweed extracts.

Aside from calcium, red coral seaweed also contains zinc, iron, and magnesium. These minerals work together to strengthen your skin, keeping it fortifies to be able to speed up the wound-healing process when you incur cuts and nicks. They also keep inflammation at bay, which is perfect for acne-prone skin.

Lastly, red coral seaweed is awesome for making the skin silky-smooth. It has skin-conditioning properties that make your skin supple and touchable. It’s a great way to make your skin feel young and plump when you graze your fingers over it.

Titanium Dioxide to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Titanium dioxide is an ingredient you’ll often see in sunscreens and other skincare products with SPF. It has the ability to scatter UV rays, deflecting them from your skin to prevent sunburn and aging. After all, sun damage is one of the main culprits of wrinkles and age spots.

Oily gals will also love that titanium dioxide is included in our syringe’s list of ingredients. It helps absorb and soak up excess sebum and oils in your skin. That way, it helps mattify your complexion and take away any undesirable shine. It leaves you looking fresh all day long.

Titanium dioxide also makes serums and lotions smoother so that they glide onto the skin in that easy and luxurious way. It’s a great ingredient not just for its anti-aging benefits, but also for how spreadable it makes the serum feel when applied.

Although the Lavelier Marine Bio Syringe doesn’t claim outright to have any SPF, you can rest assured that your skin is getting at least a little bit of protection from the damaging rays of the sun while you’re out — and it’s all thanks to titanium dioxide.

Cucumber Extracts to Soothe and Heal Irritated Skin

Cucumber slices

Cucumbers go great in your salads and are super refreshing when made into a juice. However, they’re so much more than just a yummy veggie. Cucumber extracts do a lot for your skin too, from soothing it to protecting it from further damage.

The fruit extract from cucumbers is rich in antioxidants. These protect your skin from free radicals in the air that cause premature aging, such as pollution.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties to calm and soothe the skin, especially when it’s stressed out, irritated, and puffy. The cooling hydration it provides constricts your skin, allowing the puffy feeling to subside.

That’s why there’s a practice of putting cucumber slices over your eyes—because we inherently know that cucumbers are so relaxing!

Why Serums are Excellent for the Skin

Serums usually sound intimidating to skincare newbies. Since they’re not part of the essential line-up of cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF, they’re often seen as an extra, unnecessary step. And while it’s true that serums aren’t a requirement to have a full routine, it’s an excellent way to elevate your regimen.

A serum is kind of like a toner, except with a bit more viscosity and way more concentrated active ingredients. It’s made to be super potent to target specific skin concerns. 

Because serums are formulated to be quite thin and spreadable in consistency, they have an easier time penetrating the deeper layers of your skin. That way, your skin can drink up all the concentrated goodness in your serum.

Lavelier takes it up a notch with our syringe products. These are highly concentrated serums packaged in an easy-to-use syringe, allowing you to apply the serum precisely where you need it.


The Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe is excellent for zapping away lines and wrinkles, making your skin appear smooth and tight. It’s an easy and terrific way to turn back the hands of the clock and give your skin a few years back, transporting it to its youth when there was no such thing as wrinkles.

But it’s not just anti-aging benefits that you get from this serum syringe. The Lavelier Marine Bio Syringe also gives your skin strength from the minerals in red coral seaweed, luminescence from sparkling mica, and even soothing and healing from cucumber extracts.

This syringe is undoubtedly a powerhouse serum you need in your regimen, especially when you want to look your best. Use it consistently, and you won’t even realize you have any lines peeking through to begin with.

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