How to Make the Most of Your Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel

Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel

How to Make the Most of Your Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel

One of the best ways to get skin that looks radiant and baby-smooth is by treating your complexion to a nice scrub. After all, exfoliating is a pertinent, non-negotiable step in your routine if you want skin that feels clear, soft, and detoxified, without congestion.

But there are tons of peels and scrubs in the market, and it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. Some are made with plastic micro-beads or parabens that are harmful to the environment, while others have huge, jagged grains that painfully tug at your skin.

Luckily, the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel doesn’t give you any of those issues. It’s free of pollutants and harsh chemicals, like parabens, and has grains fine enough to buff your skin gently yet effectively.

And because it leaves the skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and younger-looking, there’s no doubt in our minds that it’s going to be your new exfoliating holy grail. Stick with us here at Lavelier to learn more about this best-selling scrub!

Introducing Your New Favorite Facial Peel

Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel

If you’re serious about maintaining clear-looking skin with a texture that feels smooth and silky, you have to exfoliate a few times a week.

Exfoliating gets rid of excess sebum, blackheads, dead cells, and toxins that build up over time on your skin. This makes your skin look youthful and radiant. And there’s no better way to get rid of all those nasties than with our fave luxurious facial peel at Lavelier.

Don’t let the name confuse you. The Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel is a wash-off scrub that sloughs off all the gunk, grime, and dead skin on the outer layers of your epidermis.

It’s made with nut shell powder to leave skin feeling smooth and buff away dirt and debris for a fresh canvas. While these grains aren’t overly abrasive and jagged, they’re also not too fine that they don’t have an effect on your skin. It’s the perfect balance to get the most brilliant result.

Even better, it’s super easy to use. Just massage a generous amount of the peel onto your skin, making sure to avoid the sensitive eye area. After a minute or so of scrubbing, simply rinse it off and admire your fresh and rejuvenated-looking skin.

What Benefits Does this Peel Have on the Skin?

The main benefit of the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel is that it eliminates the dead skin and leftover dirt in your pores. By getting rid of the build-up, your complexion can enjoy a plethora of benefits.

First, your skin will look brighter and more radiant. An accumulation of dead cells and debris on the skin can lead to a dull-looking complexion, which is never flattering. By exfoliating with this scrub, you give your skin a better chance of appearing glowy and luminous.

It also helps clear up the look of your complexion. Congestion can lead to acne and stubborn blackheads, but if you buff away all the sebum and build-up on your skin, you can prevent these impending breakouts. Consequently, our scrub also helps minimize the appearance of large pores.

Because of the hydrating properties of ingredients like glycerin and coral seaweed, the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel makes your complexion look younger and tighter. It keeps the appearance of wrinkles and lines at bay, which is excellent for those in their thirties and forties wishing to delay these visible signs of aging.

Using this scrub also helps your skin absorb the ingredients from the rest of your skincare products better. Exfoliating creates a fresh, blank canvas on the skin because it gets rid of build-up and blockages, so it’s easier for products to penetrate the deeper layers of skin.

But it goes without saying that if you use the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel the wrong way, you may not reap all of its glorious skin benefits. Here are some tips and techniques to make sure you’re getting the most out of this opulent scrub:

Always Start with a Clean and Dry Face

Woman washing face

The first thing you need to remember is that you must start with a clean face before massaging this scrub on your skin.

Exfoliation’s main purpose is to get rid of dead skin and stubborn dirt, not makeup, sweat, and oils from a long day. It’s vital to cleanse your face first with a high-quality water-based cleanser to get rid of the first layer of gunk, so the Lavelier peel can go deeper and shed the stubborn congestion.

A good cleanser to use before diving into the scrub is the Lavelier Biology Mousse Cleanser. This cleanser is lavish in its own right. It’s infused with willow bark extracts, chamomile, and coral seaweed to give you skin that looks clear, soft, and glowy.

This facial wash creates a beautiful lather that efficiently gets rid of makeup and other impurities for a clean-looking complexion. That said, it never strips your skin of moisture, since it has argan oil and shea butter for extra hydration.

After cleansing your face with this, follow up with the Marine Facial Toner. You can then start massaging your Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel into your skin while it’s still damp from your cleanse.

Exfoliate Twice a Week to Get Rid of Dead Skin, Oiliness, and Flakiness

Two times a week is the general rule of thumb when it comes to the frequency of your exfoliation sessions. Any more than that can lead to the feeling of irritation and increased sensitivity in the skin. On the other hand, too few times per week can put your skin at risk of congestion and clogging.

If you have particularly oily and acne-prone skin, you might even get away with exfoliating three times a week. This is especially so if you use makeup daily and are susceptible to some degree of congestion. Of course, don’t forget that the skin on your body needs to be exfoliated regularly too. The Lavelier Seascape Body Scrub is the perfect way to do this. 

Just make sure your skin is resilient enough to handle the number of times you exfoliate with the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel each week, and you’re golden.

Don’t Use Too Much Product

Woman applying peeling gel to face

While it’s okay to be liberal and generous with the amount you use, you don’t need that much of this scrub for it to do its job.

It’s normal to use more than the usual amount of product when it comes to serums and hydrating toners. However, you don’t need that much of an exfoliating peel for it to work, lest you rub your skin raw.

A dime-sized amount can go a long way. Plus, you can simply scoop up a pea-sized dollop at any time if you wish to extend the exfoliation to other parts of your skin, like your neck.

Managing the amount of product you use every time you open your Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel jar helps it last longer on you, so you don’t have to be frequently stocking up once you run out.

Give Your Skin a Vigorous Massage with It

Don’t be afraid to apply a bit of pressure when you massage the scrub onto your face. Being overly gentle with a scrub like this might not give you the skin-buffing benefits you came here for, so you’ll still be stuck with dead skin and stubborn grime.

That said, you also don’t want to be too harsh and abrasive when you exfoliate with the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel. If you’re overly rough on your delicate complexion, you can end up with micro-tears, or little lesions on your skin due to jagged exfoliating grains or shells.

Don’t Forget to Rub Some into Your Neck Too

Wrinkles and fine lines don’t just appear on your face. Over time, you will find the visibility of sagging and crepiness in your neck as well. So, you should definitely exfoliate your neck and decolletage too.

While the skin on your neck is not as sensitive and fragile as that on your face, you still shouldn’t over-exfoliate this area, especially since it doesn’t get clogged with as much gunk as the pores on your face. Once or twice a week should be fine.

Pro Tip: If you know that your neck could do with some extra TLC, treat your skin to the Lavelier Coralline Collagen Firming Neck Cream. It’ll give your neck skin a smoother, tighter, and firmer appearance.

Rinse the Peel Off with Cold Water

Exfoliating with our lovely peel already helps purify the feel of your pores and minimize their appearance, but if you want to reduce their visibility even more, you should rinse off your scrub with cold water.

Hot water is known to relax and open up pore openings, which is great before a cleanse, but cold water helps close them up after. This leaves you with clearer-looking skin.

Follow Up with Moisturizing Serums and Creams

Lavelier cream

After exfoliating with the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel, your skin will no longer have blockages of dead skin and grime sitting on the top layer of your skin. Because of this, it will be in a better position to receive and absorb the ingredients from the rest of your beauty products.

So after using our well-loved peel, it would do you good to follow up with your favorite moisturizing serums and creams. Because you’re coming from a fresh exfoliation, the ingredients will sink deep into your skin instead of sitting on top of dirty, flaky skin.

A good moisturizer to follow up with after your scrub is the Lavelier Marine Evening Repair Cream. It’s made with shea butter and sunflower seed oil to moisturize your skin deeply. It also contains anti-aging coral seaweed extracts to firm up the look and feel of your complexion.

Using rich creams and moisturizers like this allows you to make the most out of your clean and fresh canvas post-exfoliation. Plus, the reward of skin that looks dewy, luminous, and super soft is a terrific bonus.

Wear SPF the Next Time You Go Out

Yes, our opulent facial peel makes your skin look and feel more youthful. However, if you continue to go out under the sun without SPF, you could still develop visible signs of skin aging like wrinkles, crow’s feet, age spots, and more.

Sunscreen is a must if you want to preserve how smooth and radiant your skin looks.

Maximize the benefits of your Lavelier peel by caring for your skin properly after exfoliating. This is so the peel’s hardworking ingredients don’t go to waste because of mere carelessness when going out under the sun. If you don’t yet have a go-to sunscreen, try the Lavelier Divine Day Defense SPF 30

Don’t Clog Your Pores with Heavy Makeup Everyday

One last tip: after exfoliating with our scrub, make sure you allow your skin some time to breathe. Don’t congest it right away with heavy, cakey foundations that can clog your pores and suffocate them.

Use light makeup instead, like BB or CC creams infused with skin-loving ingredients and SPF. This gives our skin more time to enjoy the benefits of a refreshed-feeling complexion post-exfoliation.


Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel

Investing in a clean, high-quality, luxurious exfoliator like the Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel is no joke. To maximize the skin-loving benefits of the peel and get your money’s worth, you have to be extra mindful of how you exfoliate and what to do before and after using the peel.

What you need to remember most is that you should start with clean skin, apply the product as instructed, and play the rest of your skincare and makeup routine to your freshly exfoliated complexion’s advantage.

Follow the tips we shared above to get the most out of your biweekly exfoliating sesh, and you’ll experience firsthand all the benefits of the much-loved Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel.

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