The Rise of Intuitive Skincare: Passing Trend or Lasting Wisdom?

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The Rise of Intuitive Skincare: Passing Trend or Lasting Wisdom?

If you’ve been following skincare trends over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed ‘intuitive skincare’ slowly becoming a buzzword. While many overlooked it at the start, it’s now becoming a practice that more and more people swear by, claiming that their skin has seen huge improvements since they switched to this approach.

What exactly is intuitive skincare and should you be jumping onto this trend too? Read on as Lavelier talks you through things…

What is Intuitive Skincare?

Intuitive skincare is all about tailoring your skincare approach to meet the specific needs of your skin. You may think that you’re already doing this with a skincare routine that contains products suitable for your skin type, but intuitive skincare takes things further… 

It involves delving even deeper into your skin’s needs, listening to what it’s telling you at various times of the day, and responding appropriately. Rather than using certain products just because they’re a part of your skincare routine, you would only use the products that your skin is crying out for at that time.

The Benefits of Intuitive Skincare

The main reason to give intuitive skincare a try is the healthier and more radiant complexion that you could see as a result. You’ll be able to tackle your main visible skin concerns more effectively since you’ll be more tuned in to what your skin needs to overcome them. 

Intuitive skincare will also put a stop to you using products that your skin doesn’t actually need or want. You’ll likely end up de-cluttering your routine, getting rid of those products that you only purchased because of clever marketing or an influencer’s endorsement. Instead, every single product that you use will cater to your skin’s requirements, meaning better-looking skin overall.

Is Intuitive Skincare For You?

Wondering whether or not to give intuitive skincare a try?

If your current approach to skincare seems to be lacking and you’re not seeing the results that you’ve been hoping for, then intuitive skincare could be your solution. It will encourage you to fully focus on what your skin actually needs, not only when it comes to your skincare but also in terms of other aspects of your lifestyle.

Getting Started With Intuitive Skincare

So, how do you go about getting started with intuitive skincare? Here are some tips to help you on your journey:

Get Familiar With Your Skin Type

Evening Repair Cream

Firstly, you need to be aware of what your skin type is. Hopefully, your skincare routine is already centered around this but, if not, it’s time to spend some time assessing your skin. 

There are five main skin type categories. The best way to determine which one your skin falls under is by gently cleansing your skin and then leaving it bare for half an hour. After this, take a look in the mirror to see which of the following skin types your skin resonates with the most:

What do you do once you know what your skin type is? Make sure that none of the products that you’re using are working against you. For example, if you have oily skin, your skincare routine needs to consist of lightweight products that aren’t going to clog your pores, such as the Lavelier Moisture Allure Cream. Meanwhile, if your skin type is dry, you’ll need thicker and richer formulas, like the Marine Evening Repair Cream. Spend some time learning about your skin type and the implications that this will have on your skincare routine.

Identify Your Main Visible Skin Concerns

Nourishing Vitamin C Serum

Once you have your skin type down, it’s time to take an even deeper look at your skin to identify your main visible skin concerns. Chances are that you’re already very familiar with these since these are the issues that you’ll be trying to battle, and they’ll be problems that are shared among all skin types.

Take wrinkles, for example. The aging process affects everyone, no matter their skin type. If you’re trying to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you may be tempted to opt for a product that provides fast results, just like the Coralline Collagen Wrinkle Alpha Treatment. There’s nothing wrong with doing so but intuitive skincare isn’t about instant results. Instead, rather than temporarily masking the look of wrinkles, intuitive skincare would involve giving your skin the nutrients that it needs to be able to repair the appearance of aging itself. This means plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, just like those in the Nourishing Vitamin C Serum.

The same applies to any other skin concerns you may be struggling with. If you’re dealing with discoloration, don’t go with a formula that promises to immediately bleach that darkness away. Instead, look for a product that will work on lightening the appearance of excess pigmentation over time, like the Lavelier Skin Clair Repair.

Consider the Time of Day

Hydrotherm Completion Creme

Even once you’ve put together a skincare routine that’s tailored to your skin type and your visible skin concerns, there’s still more to consider. The time of day, for example, could have a huge impact on your skin’s needs.

In the mornings, you need to set your skin up for the day. If you’ve woken up with dark circles and tired eyes, this would involve adding an eye cream to your skincare routine. The Lavelier Oceana Dark Circle Radiance Cream will quickly have your eye area looking brighter. 

Sun damage could also occur during the day, making SPF a must. A regular sunscreen is fine but if your skin would benefit from some extra moisture some mornings, go with a product like the Lavelier Divine Day Defense SPF 30. It’s packed with antioxidants too, which will keep your skin feeling healthy.

In the evenings, your skin will likely be calling out for a different level of care. This will likely depend on the type of day that you’ve had, and intuitive skincare will take this into account. If you’ve spent the day in an extremely polluted environment, you may need to deviate from your regular cleansing regimen and turn that into a double cleanse. A cleanser that’s a little more powerful than the formula you usually use, such as the Lavelier Oceana Pore Perfection Polish, could be beneficial. 

On the other hand, if your skin has been exposed to the sun for a large amount of the day, your evening skincare routine should be bursting with antioxidants. A product like the HydroTherm Completion Creme will give your skin the vitamins and antioxidants that it needs to feel stronger and less damaged.

Pay Attention to the Seasons

Once you get into the habit of closely watching your skin, you’ll soon start to notice subtle changes that coincide with seasonal transitions. For instance, in the summer months, sebum production tends to increase. This can make the skin oilier and more prone to acne breakouts. Take the intuitive skincare approach and you’d respond by adding in an extra exfoliation session each week while lightening up your skincare routine. 

Once the colder weather rolls around, sebum production takes a dive. Dryness becomes a much bigger issue, meaning that you may need to incorporate richer products into your routine. 

The months of spring and fall tend to be the trickiest when dealing with the seasons. These are very transitional months – some days will be warm and humid but others will be cold and dry. This is where intuitive skincare really comes into its own. You’ll learn how to read your skin so that you can adjust the care that you provide to what the weather decides to do that day. 

Encompass a Holistic Approach to Your Skin

What makes intuitive skincare so successful is that it doesn’t solely focus on topical skincare products. Sure, these are great, but intuitive skincare acknowledges the fact that there are so many other aspects to skincare that need to be considered too.

Take your diet, for example. You could use the finest skincare products in the world but if you’re feeding your body large amounts of salt, sugar, and highly processed foods, your complexion will likely suffer in a way that no amount of topical products could save it from. Practice intuitive skincare and you’ll need to improve your diet to ensure that you’re nurturing your skin from within. Fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins should all feature heavily on your plate if you want your skin to truly thrive.

Exercise is another lifestyle aspect that intuitive skincare encompasses. Regular exercise keeps your metabolism high, including the metabolism of your skin cells. This allows them to function to their full potential while also eliminating toxins at a faster rate. The result will be healthier-looking skin with a natural glow. If your current lifestyle is pretty sedentary, this is something that will need to change if you want to give intuitive skincare your very best shot.

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

If you’re new to the world of skincare, intuitive skincare may seem a little intimidating at first. This is understandable! The best way to get started would be to put together a basic skincare routine consisting of nothing but the essentials. Of course, all of the products that you pick should be suitable for your skin type. Then, start following the other tips that we’ve shared above. Get into the habit of closely studying your skin each day so that you learn how to read its needs. After a while, this will soon become second nature and you’ll have no problem trusting your intuition when it comes to your skin!

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