The Best of Beauty: Editor’s Picks For Must-Have Skincare Products

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The Best of Beauty: Editor’s Picks For Must-Have Skincare Products

In the mood to add something new to your skincare routine?

Read on as Lavelier shares a few must-have skincare products, each one capable of bringing so much to your complexion:

The Divine Day Defense SPF 30: Protect and Moisturize at the Same Time

Divine Day Defense SPF 30

Have you ever forgotten to apply SPF in the morning or to reapply it during the day? Chances are that your answer is yes – after all, no one’s perfect! However, while a few slip-ups may not seem like a big deal, every minute that goes by with your skin exposed to UV rays spells danger for your complexion in the long term. With UV rays responsible for up to 80% of the wrinkles and dark spots that appear on the skin, plus certain forms of skin cancer, avoiding them is a must for healthy-looking skin.

This is where the Lavelier Divine Day Defense SPF 30 comes in. Unlike many of the other SPF skincare products out there, this one is actually enjoyable to use! It feels like silk and disappears into the skin quickly, taking a long line of antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients with it. With green tea, coral seaweed, and aloe vera, it’s packed with potent polyphenols.

Even though it feels just like a regular moisturizer, it also offers broad-spectrum sun protection. This means that it will protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Apply it to your skin in the mornings instead of your regular moisturizer and keep the jar with you through the day to make top-ups easy!

The Seagrass BioPlumping Wrinkle Treatment: Instantly Smooth Away the Look of Wrinkles

Seagrass Bio Wrinkle Treatment

It can often seem as though every other skincare product out there promises to do away with the look of wrinkles. Some fail to deliver while those that do have a visible effect usually take weeks, if not months, to produce results. There’s nothing wrong with this – skincare is a long-term game! 

However, sometimes, it can be a huge morale boost to see instant results from your skincare products. This is why Lavelier has developed a few fast-acting formulas that provide just that. One of them is the Seagrass BioPlumping Wrinkle Treatment – capable of immediately smoothing away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

This product contains several superstar ingredients, each revered for its high-performance nature. Sodium hyaluronate, DMAE, acetyl hexapeptide 8, and alpha-hydroxy acids come together to firm and tighten the look of creased skin. Sure, the results that this product provides may just be temporary, but this is only at first. With a number of slower-acting ingredients in the formula too, from vitamins A and E to an array of antioxidant-rich botanicals, it will leave your skin looking younger in the long run too. Just make sure that you use it regularly!

The Oceana Dark Circle Radiance Cream: Brighten the Look of Your Eye Area

Oceana Dark Circle Radiance Cream

Dark circles under the eyes are the bane of many. While they’re sometimes caused by sleep deprivation, which is easy enough to rectify, the other causes don’t come with such a simple fix. Between aging, genetics, and sun damage, some find that the appearance of their dark circles is particularly stubborn, so much so that most skincare products aren’t able to do anything about them. 

At least, that was until the Lavelier Oceana Dark Circle Radiance Cream threw its hat into the ring. As you can tell from its name, this eye cream was designed specifically to counter the look of dark circles under the eyes. It’s a silky, lightweight moisturizer that the skin quickly drinks up, with the ingredients in this formula capable of helping the eye area in other ways too.

What exactly is in this cream to make it so effective? Caffeine, collagen, and coral seaweed extract work to diminish the visibility of dark circles, as well as puffiness. Meanwhile, vitamins A, C, and E are potent antioxidants that will revive and brighten the look of the skin around the eyes. You’ll find resveratrol in this formula too, another powerful antioxidant that has been proven to leave the skin feeling firmer and more elastic.

The Seagrass Phyto Silk: Provides Lightweight Moisture

Seagrass Phyto Silk

Everyone needs a good moisturizer in their skincare routine. However, for some, finding a formula that’s compatible with their skin type can be tricky. This is particularly the case for those with oily skin. People with this skin type need to hydrate without clogging up their pores and triggering breakouts.

However, with the Lavelier Seagrass Phyto Silk, this immediately becomes so much easier. This water-based cream doesn’t contain any oils at all, making it wonderfully lightweight. Instead, it hydrates with humectants, meaning ingredients that bind moisture to the skin. Between sodium hyaluronate, collagen, algae extract, coral seaweed extract, and glycerin, it will have your skin looking plump and dewy, but not greasy, straight away.

What makes this cream even more appealing is its long list of antioxidants. Plant extracts are great sources of antioxidants. This means that the green tea, licorice root, rosemary, and chamomile in this formula provide an amazing range. With antioxidants loved for how they can reduce the appearance of aging and free radical damage, it’s no surprise that people have been raving about how this cream has made their skin look younger and smoother. It really is a must-try!

The Marine Evening Repair Cream: Rich Moisture to Soften and Smooth Your Complexion

Marine Evening Repair Cream

While the moisturizer featured above can be used on all skin types, those with dry skin often need some extra help. Sure, a lightweight cream may cut it in the summer months. However, for the rest of the year, a richer formula will likely be needed.

With dry skin lacking in sebum, which is the natural oil that the skin produces, a good moisturizer will be able to compensate for this, which is what the Lavelier Marine Evening Repair Cream does. Although it doesn’t feel overly thick, it has a richer consistency. This makes it perfect for transforming a rough, dull, and flaky complexion into one that looks soft, supple, and smooth.

These effects are down to the multiple plant oils and butters in this cream. Shea butter, sweet almond oil, and jojoba seed oil are just a few that have been used. These are combined with ingredients that hydrate and soothe the complexion, including vitamin E, aloe vera, and coral seaweed extract. It’s a fantastic combination that not only gives the skin a boost of moisture but then locks all of that in to prevent it from evaporating away.

The HydroTherm Intense Masque: For Skin That Feels Detoxified and Rejuvenated

HydroTherm Intense Masque

Although face masks aren’t skincare products that you would use every day, having a couple of reliable masks that you can turn to once a week can be so useful. Face masks often contain a higher concentration of actives than other skincare products. This is how they’re able to produce such significant changes in the complexion!

Face masks come in all shapes and forms but clay masks have always been very popular. They’ve been used for centuries to purify the feel of the skin, with clay an effective ingredient for absorbing excess sebum. Some clay masks do this better than others, with the Lavelier HydroTherm Intense Masque being particularly efficient.

The fact that this mask is a thermal mask helps it to stand out from the crowd. It heats up as it’s applied to the skin, with its warmth feeling ultra-soothing. It also leaves the pores feeling relaxed and more elastic, allowing the clay to pull away oil much easier. Better yet, this mask is loaded with antioxidants. From vitamin C to coffee seed extract to coral seaweed extract, use this mask regularly and your skin will start to look brighter and more radiant.

The Coralline Collagen Neck Firming Cream: Tone and Tighten the Look of Your Neck

Coralline Collagen Firming Neck Cream

The neck can be a problem area for many. Why? For a few reasons. Firstly, it’s almost constantly in motion. This leads to wear and tear in the skin, with the protein fibers in this area breaking down sooner than those under other areas of the skin. The neck also tends to be treated in the same way as the body when it comes to skincare. However, the skin here is very thin and delicate – it deserves the same TLC that the face receives.

This is why many people notice wrinkles and sagging on the neck before they experience the signs of aging elsewhere. It’s also why having a dedicated neck cream in your arsenal of skincare products can be wise. This is where the Lavelier Coralline Collagen Neck Firming Cream comes in…

It has been designed to target the unique visible skin concerns that affect the skin on the neck. With a wide range of vitamins and antioxidants, it will leave your skin looking firmer, tighter, and crease-free. It’s also packed with several hydrating ingredients to give your neck a brighter-looking finish.

The Halophil Encapsulated Serum: Highly Potent and Easy to Use

Halophil Encapsulated Serum

Serums are a great way to bring about big changes in the complexion. Thanks to their thin consistency, they dive further down into the skin than thicker skincare products. As they do so, they take all of their active ingredients with them.

The downside to some serums is that they lose their potency quickly. Many active ingredients deteriorate once a serum has been opened. Everything from air to light to heat can affect their efficacy. However, encapsulating a serum, which is what we’ve done with the Lavelier Halophil Encapsulated Serum, does away with this problem.

Each dose of this serum is packaged in a small pearly capsule. Break one open and apply it to your skin and you’ll be benefiting from the full force of all of the ingredients within. With a blend of sodium hyaluronate and botanical extracts, it will give your skin a huge selection of nutrients. This will leave you with a gorgeous glow!

High-Quality Skincare Products From Lavelier

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your skincare routine in some way, the skincare products featured above would be a good place to start. Whether you’re looking for a moisturizer, a serum, a face mask, or just about anything else, you’ll be able to find everything that your skin could need at Lavelier.

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