If You’re Doing This, You’re Stressing Out Your Skin

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If You’re Doing This, You’re Stressing Out Your Skin

Tight work deadlines, arguments with loved ones, an overly hectic schedule…you’re probably well aware of the many different things that cause you mental stress. This alone is detrimental to the skin, but there is also a long list of other factors that could be causing additional stress to your complexion.

Wondering what they are? Read on as Lavelier talks you through some of the biggest causes of stressed-out skin.

Exposing Unprotected Skin to the Sun

Divine Day Defense SPF30

One of the biggest skin stressors out there is the sun. This may seem hard to believe – after all, that warm heat can feel incredibly soothing! However, once those UV rays enter your skin, they trigger a vicious circle of damage that can be difficult to break. 

Between weakening the collagen and elastin fibers that keep your skin smooth and taut to harming skin cell DNA, it’s hardly surprising that even a small amount of time in the sun can leave the skin feeling extremely stressed.

The good news is that putting a stop to this skin stressor is easy. The solution lies in finding yourself a good sunscreen, just like the Lavelier Divine Day Defense SPF 30. With SPF 30, it offers the recommended amount of protection, along with a blend of richly moisturizing ingredients that will keep your skin feeling soft and supple.

Exposing Your Skin to High Levels of Pollution

Biology Mousse Cleanser

The sun isn’t the only environmental factor that stresses out the skin – pollution does this too. Whenever your skin is exposed to air pollutants, free radical damage, along with huge amounts of skin stress, begins. Unfortunately, unlike with SPF, there isn’t a product that you can apply to keep your skin safe from these harmful particles.

So, what can you do about it? The first step is making sure that you thoroughly cleanse your skin at the end of each day. This will clear away any air pollutants that are lingering on your skin’s surface. The last thing you want is for these particles to end up diving deeper into your skin. Mousse cleansers, like the Lavelier Biology Mousse Cleanser, are great for doing this. 

Then, to repair the appearance of pollution-induced free radical damage, incorporate plenty of antioxidants into your skincare routine. Vitamins A, C, and E are some of the best antioxidants out there, all of which can be found in the Lavelier Nourishing Vitamin C Serum. Ideally, apply it twice a day; once in the morning to keep your complexion protected through the day and then again in the evening to tackle any visible damage and stress that has occurred.

Failing to Give Your Skin Sufficient Hydration

Hydrotherm Sauna Serum

It’s common knowledge that the body needs water in order to function efficiently. Every single cell in the body depends on it, and this includes all of your skin cells. If your skin cells don’t have access to enough water, this causes stress. The dehydration that follows not only inhibits how your skin cells function but also leaves the skin looking dull and drab.

This is why it’s important to go above and beyond when it comes to hydrating your skin. Internal hydration, although crucial, isn’t going to be enough. To fully quench your skin, this needs to be combined with topical hydration.

One of our favorite products for hydrating the skin is the Lavelier HydroTherm Sauna Serum. It contains a blend of hydrating ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate, collagen, seaweed extract, glycerin, and peptides. All have moisture-binding properties, enabling them to carry moisture to the skin almost immediately.

For best results, lock your serum in with a moisturizer, such as the Marine Evening Repair Cream. It will form a seal over your skin’s surface that will prevent the hydrating ingredients in your serum from evaporating away.

Applying the Wrong Skincare Products

It’s sometimes easy to be persuaded into buying a new product because of all of the amazing reviews you’ve been reading or because of its clever marketing/packaging. Either way, unless this product is suitable for your skin type, your impulse purchase is only going to stress out your skin.

Let’s say you have oily skin. This means that you need lightweight, non-comedogenic products that aren’t going to leave you more susceptible to breakouts. However, if you then go and use products designed for dry skin, which are designed to be intensely moisturizing and often quite greasy, you’ll be giving yourself clogged pores and stressed-out skin in no time.

To avoid this, start by making sure that you know what your skin type is. This is something that can change over the years, so regular reassessments are necessary. Then, only use products that are compatible with your skin type. If you’re unsure, do some research into the main ingredients used and this will tell you so much about how that product will work.

Skipping Out On Sleep

Seagrass Cymosilk Masque

Do you ever feel extra stressed out when you haven’t had enough sleep?

Well, your skin feels the same way. Although your skin cells don’t sleep when you do, they use this time to heal the damage that they’ve encountered over the course of the day. This is also when protein production peaks, with those protein fibers responsible for keeping your skin looking smooth and firm.

This is why a lack of sleep has been shown to have devastating consequences on the complexion. Research shows that not only does this affect skin barrier integrity, but it can also accelerate the aging process while contributing to dark circles and puffy eyes.

To save your skin from this unnecessary stress, aim to bag yourself about 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Support your complexion even further by treating your skin to an overnight face mask once a week, just like the Lavelier Seagrass Cymosilk Masque. Apply it in the evening before heading to bed and you’ll wake up with a gorgeous glow!

Spending Prolonged Periods Under Air Conditioning or Artificial Heating

Oceana Skin Dew Moisturizer

Whether you’re lounging in an air-conditioned room in the heat of the summer or you’re curled up next to artificial heating in the middle of winter, both environments can stress your skin out.

How? Because both leave the air around you extremely dry. When your skin is in a low-humidity environment, the moisture from your skin cells ends up sucked out by the dry air. This then leads to dehydration, which, as we mentioned earlier, is a big skin stressor.

To get around this, you’ll need to lock all of that moisture in your skin. A moisturizer is a great way to do this. It will form a barrier over your skin’s surface, preventing the dry air from pulling out your skin’s much-needed moisture.

During the winter months, the Lavelier Oceana Skin Dew Moisturizer will do a great job of trapping in moisture. Featuring shea butter, seaweed extract, vitamins, and antioxidants, it will save your skin from feeling thirsty, even in artificially heated environments. Likewise, the Moisture Allure Cream will do the same for you in the summer months. It’s a lighter formula but is still more than capable of keeping moisture locked in, even if you’re spending hours in an air-conditioned room.

Allowing Mental Stress to Get You Down

Of course, it isn’t just external factors that stress out your skin; mental stress does this too. Whenever you’re feeling stressed out yourself, you can be sure that this is also affecting your skin.

How? Well, whenever you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol. This is a hormone that enables your body to better deal with stressful situations. In small amounts, it’s useful. However, in large amounts, it causes inflammation in the skin while also damaging protein fibers and accelerating skin aging. Needless to say, too much cortisol can quickly leave the skin feeling very stressed out!

When this happens, your focus should be on lowering your stress levels as soon as possible. This, in turn, will lower the cortisol level in your body, giving your skin cells some breathing room. 

How can you do this? Reducing stress may seem impossible when you’re in the heat of the moment but there are many science-backed stress relievers out there. Exercise, for example, will quickly refocus your mood while meditation will calm you down in no time. Laughing can be a big help too, so spend some time watching your favorite comedies or hanging out with some witty friends. Getting creative is another option, as is listening to some soothing music.

Indulging in Alcohol and Processed Foods

We’ve already talked about how your skin cells need a regular supply of water in order to thrive. Well, the same applies to nutrients. Without these, your skin cells will soon start to suffer.

Unfortunately, the modern-day diet includes many foods that don’t offer much in terms of nutrition. Not only that, but many of the foods that fill our plates are highly processed. They’re packed with salt, sugar, and a multitude of preservatives. Eating large amounts of these ingredients dehydrates the skin while also triggering inflammation.

Alcohol has the same effect. However, in addition to causing the body to lose moisture at a faster rate, it also leads to a decline in vitamins and nutrients. 

To cut back on the stress that your dietary choices are having on your skin, try making some improvements. Eat more fresh produce, along with whole grains, lean proteins, seeds, nuts, and healthy fats. This will set your skin up for success, encouraging a radiant natural glow!

Wondering if you can have the occasional alcoholic drink? Of course! You don’t need to completely miss out. Moderation is key – make sure that you don’t over-indulge. Sipping on a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks can also help to counter the dehydrating effects that alcohol has.

Caring For Your Skin With Lavelier

Although the sheer number of different skin stressors out there can feel a little overwhelming at first, saving your skin from all of that stress is easier than it may initially seem. A solid skincare routine that’s suitable for your skin type combined with healthy lifestyle choices will soon have you on the path to a healthy, happy, and stress-free complexion!

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