Lavelier’s Summer Skincare Survival Guide

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Lavelier’s Summer Skincare Survival Guide

In so many ways, summer is the time and place to relax and enjoy a less rigid schedule. You may wear less makeup, have fewer activities to shuffle yourself or your kids to, or spend a whole afternoon in the sand with a beach read.  

But while letting some rules slide in the summer is inevitable, slacking on summer skincare can leave skin dull, dehydrated, and vulnerable to sun damage. Powerful UV rays, heavy sunscreens, and increased oil production can leave skin looking inflamed and irritated instead of glowing. 

Luckily, Lavelier makes keeping up with a summer skincare regimen worry-free, whether you’re relaxing in a backyard hammock or jet-setting across the globe! Lavelier products channel the unique antioxidant power of red coral seaweed, among other ingredients, to improve the look of skin moisture levels, texture, and brightness. Whatever your concern for your skin this season, Lavelier has powerful products to counter visible skin damage and get your summer skincare back on track.

Why is the Sun So Damaging to Skin?

Summer skincare infographic

Summer opens up the option to do so many awesome outdoor activities, from boating to backyard barbecues. But we all know that frequent sun exposure can do a number to our skin, and cause several signs of premature aging. 

UV rays, and specifically UVA rays, penetrate the skin’s layers deeply to cause long-term visible signs of aging, such as: 

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Age spots and sun spots
  • Loss of volume and elasticity

UVA rays account for up to 95 percent of UV radiation reaching Earth, meaning lots of premature aging and long-term skin damage for all of us. Beyond using SPF and wearing a hat when possible, proactively using products that lessen the look of sun damage can help each of us better care for our skin this summer. 

Ocean Ingredients to Elevate Your Summer Skincare

Red Coral Seaweed

Here at Lavelier, our products harness the power of red coral seaweed, an antioxidant-rich ingredient perfect for reducing the look of sun damage and countering the visible effect of free radicals that leave your summer skin dull and in need of serious repair. Rich in calcium and other vitamins and nutrients, red coral seaweed leaves skin looking visibly more vibrant, hydrated and healthy. 

Seaweed can chemically protect itself from environmental damage, such as UV rays, making it a sustainable, enduring plant. Why not take that protection and incorporate it into skincare products so that we can feel similar benefits too? That’s what Lavelier’s done, and why red coral seaweed is a staple ingredient in each product, delivering the look of hydration and elasticity to dry and dull skin.

The power of red coral seaweed is what Lavelier products are founded on, and what distinguishes Lavelier from other skincare brands. We stand by red coral seaweed in all of our products and know that they can benefit you this season. Read on to learn which products can amp up your skincare routine the most this summer. 

Consider Using a Toner this Summer

Lavelier holiday party skin care products

If you aren’t using a toner in your routine already, adding one in can provide your face with extra care and pampering after coming in contact with oil, SPF, and UV rays.

After cleansing with the Biology Mousse Cleanser, Lavalier’s Marine Facial Toner balances the feel of the skin and preps the skin to absorb ingredients from your serum and moisturizer. Aloe and chamomile provide a soothing, calming feeling after exposure to the harsh summer sun.

Fight the Visibility of Sun Damage with a Specialized Serum

Lavelier Skin Clair Repair

Since you’re logging so many hours outdoors, summer is the perfect time to focus on minimizing the look of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. UV ray exposure can cause skin discoloration and sun spots on the skin’s surface, as well as wrinkles deeper in the skin.  

Our Skin Clair Repair is a luxury serum that helps to minimize the appearance of discoloration and brighten the complexion. Ingredients like lactic acid and kojic acid help skin look smooth, radiant, and glowing. These should be a staple in your summer skincare routine. Plus, both of these acids are gentle enough to be used daily without causing irritation. 

Keep in mind that the use of acid exfoliants, like lactic and kojic acids, can sometimes increase your sensitivity to the sun. So, it’s recommended that you use the Skin Clair Repair in your nighttime routine.

Introduce Green Tea to Your Summer Skincare Routine

Lavelier Mineral Allure moisturizers

You’ve heard the many health benefits of drinking green tea. However, treating your skin with green tea extract can help double down on fighting the look of sun damage and premature aging. Because UVA rays can lessen skin elasticity and volume, green tea is a valuable tool for its power to improve the look of elasticity and increase moisture levels

Several Lavelier products contain green tea extract, like the Moisture Allure Cream. Much like how a cup of green tea energizes you, the Moisture Allure Cream adds energy and vitality to the complexion, contributing to a fresh and youthful appearance. 

Additionally, the Moisture Allure Cream is light enough for daily use in the summer. However, it’s also rich enough to replenish hydration in skin that’s been dried out from the sun. The Moisture Allure Cream is a no-brainer addition to your summer skincare arsenal. It has a place in anyone’s routine this season.

Apply it after your serum, putting your heaviest products on last. The Moisture Allure Cream will seal in your serum and help to leave your skin feeling protected.

Follow Up Sunny Days with a Powerful Night Cream

Lavelier moisturizer

If you’re using lightweight products during the day, take advantage of the nighttime hours by incorporating a rich night cream into your summer skincare lineup.

Night is when skin does most of its repair process, much like your body does when it’s sleeping. So, using potent, rich products in the evening is beneficial because they work with your skin’s natural repair process. They rejuvenate and heal the look and feel of your skin while you sleep.

Lavelier recommends the Marine Evening Repair Cream, which is infused with shea butter for moisture and red coral seaweed for antioxidant power. If your skin is enduring lots of sun exposure this summer, it needs the increased moisture at night to replenish and maintain its moisture barrier. 

Other powerhouse ingredients in the Marine Evening Repair Cream include:

  • Sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil and safflower oil to leave skin looking hydrated and plump
  • Aloe leaf juice aids in soothing the feel of the skin
  • A Retinoid keeps skin looking exfoliated and smooth
  • Vitamin E maintains moisture

Use a Lightweight Peel to Keep Pores Clear

Lavelier Intensive Facial Peel

Oil-prone skin types can struggle in the summer with pore congestion from oil, makeup, sweat, and SPF. This can leave you with acne, uneven texture, and enlarged pores.

Using a lightweight peel to chemically exfoliate the skin will keep pores clear and reduce the appearance of pore size. The Intensive Facial Peel contains a retinoid and Vitamin C to slough away dead skin and oil. At the same time, glycerin and green tea extract moisturize and calm the feeling of stressed and tired skin.

Using a peel once or twice a week will rid skin of pore-clogging material. Don’t forget to bring the product down onto your neck to get maximum benefits on the decollete as well. It’ll keep that area looking radiant and smooth, too.

The Intensive Facial Peel is a crucial step to keeping both oily and dry skin types feeling smooth, glowing, and summer-ready! Because you simply scrub it on and rinse it off with cold water, it’s not time-consuming and is a step that easily fits into anyone’s schedule. Your silky soft, clear complexion will thank you for this small added step in your summer skincare routine!

Don’t Forget About Body Care

Body scrub

Whether you’re getting ready to show skin at the beach, or just need to smooth your skin before applying self-tanner, Lavelier has the perfect body care products to round out your summer skincare routine. 

Because body care is so often neglected, the skin on your decollete, arms, and legs can often show age more than the face does! The decollete (your neck and chest) is one of the tell-tale places that show serious sun damage as we age. Age spots, sun spots, and wrinkling on the chest and neck can give away your age. They tell the world that you’ve ignored caring for the skin on your body. Making sure to continue your skincare onto your body this summer will care for your skin in its entirety, rather than only focusing on the face. 

Using an exfoliating product on the neck and chest several times a week can reduce the visible signs of aging and keep the skin looking glowing and soft. The Lavelier Seascape Body Scrub contains the coral seaweed that is Lavelier’s signature ingredient. It softens and clears the complexion in the summertime. Using a scrub will smooth skin before sporting shorts and swimsuits this season. It’ll also keep skin looking fresh and glowing for makeup or sunless tanner application. 

Follow up your Seascape Body Scrub with our Seascape Body Butter for touchably soft, hydrated skin. Again, Coral Seaweed extract provides the benefits of antioxidants. At the same time, Shea Butter delivers ultimate hydration and retains moisture levels. By incorporating these body products, you’ll be keeping your whole self glowing from head to toe! 

Additional Steps to Care for Your Skin This Summer

Woman lying in the sun

In addition to choosing summer skincare products that will deliver powerful and potent ingredients, there are a few more things you can do to care for your skin and your health this season: 

  • Use a broad spectrum SPF of 30 or higher everyday, as recommended by the FDA
  • Choose sunglasses with 100% UV protection to care for your eyes, especially when you’re around water that reflects the sun
  • Use makeup that is non-comedogenic, or made without pore-clogging ingredients. Using powder, oil-free and lightweight cosmetics will also help keep skin clear of breakouts
  • Drink even more water to replenish the water your body loses in hot temperatures and outdoor activities
  • Remember that retinol or another retinoid will increase sun sensitivity. Dermatologists say that some patients notice more irritation from their retinol in the summer. So, you may decide to replace your retinol serum with something more gentle, like the lactic acid-powered Skin Clair Repair. If using any acid exfoliator, make sure you are extra diligent in applying your SPF.

The Lavelier Summer Skincare Sale is Happening Now!

Lavelier’s Summer Skincare Sale is going on right now, so this is the perfect time to take advantage of the offers available and refresh your summer skincare routine. One product is 20% off, two products are 30% off, and 3 or more products are 40% off! 

Let Lavelier update your skincare routine and deliver amazing results with the power of ocean ingredients, allowing you to live your best life this summer without compromising the look and feel of your skin. 

Click here to browse more coral seaweed-infused skincare solutions from Lavelier.

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