Here’s Why You Should Cleanse Your Skin Daily

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Here’s Why You Should Cleanse Your Skin Daily

Whether you’re reading up on how to prevent the appearance of acne or you’re desperately looking for ways to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, just about every piece of skincare advice out there will tell you how important it is to cleanse daily.

However, no matter how often that snippet of wisdom is repeated, many people still find themselves skipping out on their daily cleanse. So, to give yourself some motivation when it comes time to cleanse your skin this evening, read on as Lavelier explains why it’s so essential to cleanse daily. We’ll also be sharing some tips on how to choose the perfect cleanser for your skin, plus how to use it in the correct way.

5 Reasons to Cleanse Daily

So, why exactly do you need to be cleansing your skin each and every day? Let’s take a closer look at five of the most important reasons:

Prevents the Buildup of Impurities and Clogged Pores

Let’s start with the most obvious reason to cleanse daily; cleansing removes dirt from the skin. However, it’s not only dirt that a cleanser will tackle. It will also get rid of excess sebum, dead skin cells, pollutants, sweat, and any other impurities that have managed to settle onto your skin’s surface.

If you don’t cleanse all of this away, then, as soon as other impurities start to make their way onto your skin, that existing layer of grime has nowhere else to go other than down into your pores. The more dirt and sebum there is on your skin, the faster your pores will end up clogged. Once bacteria enter into the equation, which won’t take long if you don’t cleanse daily, inflammation occurs, which will soon lead to acne breakouts.

If you do cleanse daily, you’ll be able to prevent all of this from happening. By keeping your skin’s surface clear of debris, your pores are far less likely to develop blockages, giving you a blemish-free complexion.

Brightens the Look of the Skin

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We’ve already talked about how allowing dirt and dead skin cells to remain on your skin’s surface will usually lead to clogged pores. However, in addition to that, you’ll also end up with a very dull-looking complexion.

When dead skin cells and dirt build up on the skin, they prevent the skin from reflecting light in the way that it should. The light that hits your face will no longer bounce off and leave your skin looking radiant. Instead, it will only highlight how rough and uneven your skin looks.

Cleansing away this layer of dirt and dead skin cells will allow light to once again radiate off your skin. Your complexion will look brighter and more luminous while also feeling healthier.

Prevents the Appearance of Free Radical Damage

Air pollution spells bad news for your skin. Numerous studies point to how air pollutants cause free radical damage in the skin. This significantly accelerates the skin aging process while also causing chronic inflammation in the skin. Those who live in heavily polluted areas tend to visibly age much sooner than those who are a little more protected.

Getting away from air pollution is pretty much impossible. A shocking study found that 99.99% of the world’s population is now exposed to more air pollution than what the World Health Organization deems safe. Pollutants are just about everywhere – they’re even inside your home.

With that said, although you can’t stop pollutants from latching onto your skin, a daily cleanse will enable you to get rid of any particulate matter on your skin’s surface, preventing it from sticking around for too long. So long as all of those pollutants aren’t able to delve deep into your pores, they won’t be able to cause too much damage.

Enhances the Absorption of Other Skincare Products

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It goes without saying that when you apply a skincare product to your skin, you want it to be as effective as possible. After all, there’s no point wasting money and time on products that aren’t going to work.

However, unless you cleanse daily, ideally immediately before you carry out your skincare routine, the products that you use won’t be able to function in the way that they should. Instead of having direct access to your skin cells, they’ll have to fight through the layer of dirt, sebum, and other impurities covering the surface of your skin. 

The majority of products won’t be able to do that. Instead, they’ll mostly evaporate into the air, while a small amount of each one will remain behind and mix in with the dirt and impurities on your skin’s surface. This will only speed up the rate at which you develop clogged pores and breakouts.

Stimulates Circulation to Leave the Skin Glowing

Here’s one final reason to cleanse daily; it’ll leave your skin with a rosy glow.

Usually, when a cleanser is applied to the skin, it’s massaged in. The act of massage has long since been revered for how it boosts circulation. This increase in blood flow immediately leaves the skin looking rosier and more radiant.

Regularly boosting your circulation has long-term benefits too. Your skin receives oxygen and nutrients from your blood. The more blood that flows through your skin, the healthier your skin cells will feel and look.

Choosing Between the Different Types of Facial Cleansers

There are so many different types of facial cleansers out there, so how do you choose the right one for your skin?

It all comes down to understanding the main differences between each type…

Let’s first talk about foaming cleansers. They’re loved for the bubbly lather that they form when they’re massaged into the skin. This then leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. The downside is that the agents used to create that lather are known for being extremely drying on the skin, especially when used long-term.

Moving on to cream cleansers. These, as you can tell from the name, are creamy in consistency. They’re much thicker and richer than other cleanser types and also tend to be extremely mild. This makes them great for those with severely dry or sensitive skin. However, for everyone else, they have the propensity to clog pores while failing to remove sufficient amounts of excess sebum.

That brings us to mousse cleansers. These cleansers are becoming increasingly popular because of how they offer all of the benefits of both foaming and cream cleansers, yet without any of the drawbacks. They form a satisfying, mousse-like lather as they’re massaged into the skin, which enables them to offer a thorough cleanse. At the same time, they’re also very moisturizing, yet they’re lightweight enough to not clog pores.

The Lavelier Biology Mousse Cleanser

mousse cleanser

Love the idea of a mousse cleanser? 

Give one a try for yourself with the Lavelier Biology Mousse Cleanser. This cleanser transforms into a decadent lather as it’s massaged into the skin. However, its coconut-derived cleansing agents ensure that it doesn’t dry the skin out. These surfactants offer moisturizing effects too, which are enhanced by the other moisturizing ingredients included in this formula.

What helps this cleanser to stand out even more is its hydrating and antioxidant compounds. Coral seaweed extract and glycerin keep the skin looking plump and supple, while the antioxidants from chamomile, calendula, moringa, and lavender help to tighten and brighten the look of the skin. They also have a fantastic soothing effect on the appearance of inflammation.

How to Properly Cleanse Your Skin

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So, now that you know how to go about choosing the best cleanser for your skin, it’s time to learn how to properly use it. 

The first step is to read the usage instructions that come with your cleanser. Each formula will be slightly different, making it important to familiarize yourself with yours. 

With that said, most cleansers need to be applied to wet skin. This is because the skin is more permeable when it’s damp. So, begin by splashing your face with water. Avoid using hot water, as this will irritate your skin and damage your skin’s natural protective barrier. Instead, use lukewarm or cold water. 

Then, gently massage your cleanser onto your skin. Don’t be too rough when doing so – cleansers are only supposed to clean the surface of the skin, they’re not designed to delve deep into the pores. Circular motions are best for enhancing circulation but, however you choose to do it, make sure that every inch of your face and neck has been covered with your cleanser. 

Then, rinse your face clean. Again, use cool or lukewarm water.

To fully complete your cleanse, we would suggest following up with a toner, such as the Lavelier Marine Facial Toner. This formula is incredibly hydrating and will also ensure that your skin’s pH level feels balanced after cleansing. 

After applying your toner, you can then continue with the rest of your skincare routine. Since your skin has been so perfectly prepped by your cleanser and toner, it will feel extremely receptive to soaking up any other products that you now apply.

Morning Cleanse vs Evening Cleanse

Hopefully, you now understand why it’s so important to cleanse daily. However, when exactly would be the best time to cleanse?

Ideally, you should be cleansing your skin twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening. 

However, if you only want to cleanse once, do so in the evening. This way, you’ll be able to remove all of the dirt and pollutants that have settled onto your skin during the day. This will ensure that they aren’t allowed to wreak their damage while you sleep. 

Once you’ve cleansed and carried out the rest of your evening skincare routine, head to bed and make sure that your face only touches clean bedding. Then, in the morning, you can simply give your face a quick clean with some water, instead of using your cleanser, before carrying out your morning skincare routine.


When it comes down to it, if you want to take proper care of your skin, it’s so important to cleanse daily. Doing so will not only keep your skin feeling healthy, but it will also give you a complexion that looks brighter, fresher, and smoother. 

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